Our vision is to continuously widen the range of our products, make a difference by increasing our efficiency, our competitive powers, market-share, customer satisfaction and this way make MAYER a global trademark, a world-wide known trademark for textile machinery.
We take it as our mission to create new values for both the social share-holders and institutions that we work with, but at the same time remain loyal to our sensibility towards the cultural and environmental values and become a global institution with a solid make-up, a reliable institution which develops continuously.
At the bottom of the success of our institution and our philosophy of administration lies the "Total Quality Management" philosophy. Thus related to this, we plan and execute our activities in accordance with the "Perpetual Improvement" principle.
The following are the major components of our administration politics:
    • More quality production
    • Disincentive maintenance for the sustenance of improvement
    • Decrease in wastefulness and instability
    • More profitable practices
    • Perpetual communication with the domestic and foreign suppliers
    • Developing methods that satisfy the expectations and needs of the customers
    • Product quality maintenance at each level of production
We as an institution believe in total quality management. And in this journey that we have launched for the best of our customers, share-holders, employee and suppliers, and finally all these leading to the improvement of our national economy, we venture to provide change and development in this way. 2004    If You do not see animations Please click here to download Flash Player